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Ebola virus disease in Democratic Republic of Congo

Updated October 20, 2014

Updated: October 09, 2014

Travel Health Notice

The Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed cases and deaths of Ebola.  Affected areas are Watsi Kengo, Lokolia, Boende and Boende Muke. Outbreaks of Ebola have occurred in this region of Africa in the past. These cases are not related to the current Ebola outbreak in West AfricaExternal link.

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that travellers to these regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo practise special precautions to reduce the risk of transmission of Ebola virus disease. The risk of infection is very low for most travellers since most human infections result from direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person or corpse. Travellers should immediately seek medical attention at the first sign of illness.

Ebola virus disease is a rare, severe and sometimes fatal viral disease. The virus can infect both humans and animals. When infected, people can get very sick, with fever, intense weakness, headache, sore throat and pains, and may bleed from different parts of the body (i.e., haemorrhage).

For the latest updates on Ebola virus disease, including the total number of cases and deaths, please visit the World Health Organization’s Global Alert and Response websiteExternal link.

For more information on safety, security and border measures for the Democratic Republic of Congo, visit Country Travel Advice and AdvisoriesExternal link.